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Super Secret Service (Original Soundtrack)

by flashygoodness

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Music written for Super Secret Service, a 16-bit-style action, arcade game created by Austin Ivansmith (DuckTales Remastered, Mighty Switch Force) featuring art by Johan Vinet (Adventure Time ETDBIDK, Halfway, Extreme Exorcism). In this game, you take the role of Secret Service agents who must defend The President from all sorts of projectiles being flung at him during his very important speech.

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Congratulations, and welcome to your first day on the job. By now you probably already know how important the task at hand is: you’ve gotta save me, The President!

After your years of rigorous training you’re surely a finely tuned jumping machine, ready to dive in front of any and all projectiles which might be flung my way. I’m sure you’ve seen it in the movies one thousand times: a secret service agent dives and blocks a bullet with their body at exactly the right moment. Well this isn’t the movies kid, but that’s EXACTLY how it works.

But these gutter punks aren’t your run of the mill troublemakers. My intel says they’ve got all manner of creative weaponry at their disposal, so you better be ready for anything, because my intel is never wrong. I can’t promise you will make it out alive, but know that you, and all the agents who risk your lives, are doing the most important work imaginable: saving me.

I’m counting on you!


The President



released November 4, 2014

art by Johan Vinet


all rights reserved